10 Ways to Make Money from Home

Online Money Making Ideas

In this collection of articles you will discover the best ways to earn a large online income without the need to be a professional online business owner or entrepreneur.

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• Affiliate Marketing

• 24/7 Free Online Paypal Access.

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• Online Sharing Network Cheat Sheets

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Work from home without investment

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Work from Home Jobs

Exporting Business Brokerage, Jewelry Making, Photography, Office Staffing, Telecommuting, Sewing, Sewing Expert, Customer Service.

Submitting a Jobs Form to the number one site for business forms, Clickjobs.com


• Costco Online Warehouse

Chemical Company ordering directly from suppliers, warehouse picking, shipping, packaging, handling, tracking, receiving, storage, and maintenance.

• Shipping

• Amazon


Using Freelancing.com have turned my freelance business into more than a hobby. I would take as many classes as possible on those tools, website, and blogging platforms to make my freelance business grow more and more. Now its time for me to build my online presence and market my freelance business more.

7 Steps to Market your Freelance Business: Take it from the Master.

What I like about using Freelance.com, Paypal, etc. is the ability to share my work with people online, offer cash back rewards, and always have access to friends and family to ask for feedback. When you network with your customers, you can get on their good side by offering them money and products without ever having to meet in person. It really is that simple to build an online business with $400.

• Marketing Strategies

• Organic Exposure

1. You need to get your site featured on a few blogs and social media sites. Most of the time you will be featured because the bloggers or writers feel that your content is meaningful and in demand. Get social to send them questions and ask for guest posts or to add you to a list. Find the relevant sites on the same niche, read their blogs and reach out to them with the best way possible. Don’t just email them a few lines of information as that will result in no engagement. Always send a concise description of your product, the problem and the solution.

2. Set up your newsletter to send out regular updates to your followers that includes content that is not only useful but edutaining as well.

• Make your newsletter useful and fun.

Selling Things Online

I have sold alot of merchandise online for my online business and with even a portion of it, I have given it all away. Sometimes I sold not because I wanted to buy them, but because I wanted to give them away. That is what I do all the time online. For example if I find a good deal on products, I will tell a friend to buy it, then that friend can share with everyone they know.

Don’t spend money on things you don’t need, except if you want something new that isn’t cheap but new. You can always get it cheap in your town or you can travel overseas.


So all is set. You have purchased your preferred stocks (or used their dividends).

There are a few additional things to know before you retire,

First is that your portfolio won’t be doing well and that you should keep your life in balance. You need to take your age into consideration (not to mention your finances). If you are just after some easy money and capital appreciation then you should probably do this by spending 100% of your life. For example, if you are only 40 then I can get you a 0.20% return on your cash invested for 5 years. I’d prefer you to have long term financial independence and so would only recommend you keep 0.15% return on your money for the same period.

(I would however be more than happy to train you in some of the investing skills.

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