Instagram Earn money new update 2021

  Instagram Earn money new update 2021

Friends today I will tell you that instagram earn money

And at the same time I will tell you how to increase your Instagram Instagram sponsorship kaise le and follower quickly.

Friends a new update has come on Instagram a few days ago with the help of which you people can also earn money as you people are less coming from YouTube you can also earn from Instagram now but you must know. That YouTube requires 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch time?

But you guys do not like this on Instagram it is a little too but it also has Ruls but not like YouTube?

As you know when you add an ad in YouTube you earn it because of it.

The same kind of Instagram has also come out with a new method which you will now get to see ads on Instagram also like YouTube so now you will get money from Instagram.

Instagram Ruls

1. You want 10,000 follower?

2. 2. Need 200 hours of watch time?

3. 3. Do not copy someone else’s video or else you will not be monetized.

Now this question may have been removed from your mind that Instagram par kitne followers par paise Milte hain but there will be another question in your mind that how will we increase the follower so much then I will also tell you the way that in a single day You can do that much and watch 200 hours so you people know that you can do it in a single day.

Because it is very rare.

How to increase Instagram followers

To increase Instagram followers to you people you have to follow more and more people due to which what happens is that you get more and more followers because when you follow someone then other people keep following those people. You also follow people because when you follow someone they also see your account with them from which those people also follow you you try this method again and again and unfollow and follow again If you try this method you will easily become 10,000 followers.

Now your problem will be over that Instagram par kitne followers par paise Milte hain but friends have not received this update yet everyone will get it in the coming days but everyone in the US has got this u pdate.

instagram par sponsorship kaise le

Getting sponsorship on friends instagram are absolutely easy ways but for that you have to keep a few things in mind?

1. You have to upload a video or photo on any one topic

2. 2. Do not give any wrong information

3. 3. When you mail or messege for sponsorship you get some money from them in advance.

4. 4. Nowadays hacker is too much so stay away from them

What to do if you do not get sponsorship?

When you do not get 1 sponsorship at all then do this method which you will get 100%

Go to the same type of website in which category you are working and at the bottom you will get the mail id and contect it and ask them to give us sponsorship and give a link to your instagram if you are really a good post video You will be ready to sponsor you instantly

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